What is font generator?

The Font Generator is a tool to choose, preview, copy and paste unique text to be used on various social media networks, like Instagram. Using this tool we can edit and explore with our content then preview how our profile info will look like on Instagram, Twitter or any other platform!

Copy Paste

By using this tool, we can edit text and preview various font styles for Instagram. As social media platforms have limitations for styling options in profiles, posts, and comments, we can use this generator to create fancy text or choose cool fonts.
You may saw profiles with enfolded text or bold fonts and amazed how that has been made, it’s a secret technique called Unicode. While you are not basically copying a font, Unicode helps us to generate pseudo-fonts build by special characters which look alike to our regular alphabet.
Hold on, but what’s the reason that you can’t copy fonts from your computer? Social media networks don’t permit you to use styling to your text, so instead of “hacking” Unicode to make a special dictionary which rewrites every letter, this tool is really a font changer and not basically a generator.

How to use

As the web focusing on visual nature increasingly, the Font Generator is unmatched that it provides a visual preview when you edit own text and play with different fonts.

Text: Begins with editing the text input at the top of the page. Need not to be upset about this being perfect immediately, just continue typing to get started.

Fonts: While typing, you will notice the live update of the fonts. Scroll through the entire fonts and see the various available options.

Preview: Select a font example to see that in the preview area.

Copy: If you are satisfied with your text, font, and preview, just copy and paste that wherever you like!

In case you wish to use more than one font style, you can just copy your desired words and paste them elsewhere, then return to the Font Generator in order to create more words as you wish. Use AND Enjoy!

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