How to use font generator on Instagram post

Instagram fonts generator, As an awesome font generator represents an automatic online free text font generating tool, that can create various fancy text font styles for your social media platforms like Instagram. Also, Preview text like how to looking good at the text on Instagram.
User steps-
Step 1: write the text you wish to be styled using FontsStudio into the Edit Text field at the top of the webpage. You can also simply copy text from anywhere and paste it on the text field.
You can see live preview of various text fonts style formats below the edit text field and compare which fonts to use. How the fonts text will be displayed on Instagram, will also be shown at the right side.

Step 2: Choose the font style you like and copy-paste that in your Instagram account.

You are free to create as many fonts style as you wish. Just copy your text and paste them elsewhere, then return to the Font Generator in order to create more words as anyone wishes.
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